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Submitted by cesar moro
Mon, 05/28/2018 - 13:58
Minsait (an Indra Company)
Avenida de Bruselas 35
Daniel Seseña + Cesar Moro

Digital solutions that boost industrial companies inside the 4.0 applications world and opportunities
- Own product:
Advanced technology solutions that cover key areas of the industrial operations. (Executive Dashboard I4.0, Secuenciador 360º, Digital Quality, Advanced monitoring e2e, Predictive maintenance, Predictive quality, etc.).
- Proofs of value:
Pilot projects that respond to challenges of specific areas of the value chain that generate impact (Digital Transformation Plan, QuickScan, Visibility of Operations, Collaboration between Stakeholders, Smart assets management, Energy efficiency, Traceability of distribution, Quality visual recognition, Industrial Cybersecurity).
- Digital boosters and technological assets
Full support to escort companies through their transition towards Industry 4.0
- New levels of efficiency, flexibility and reliability.
- Vertical and horizontal integration of all players, processes and technologies.
- Evolution of traditional products to connected products.
- Switch from selling assets to using assets.
Quantifiable short-term impacts on key areas of Business in three levels: efficiency, flexibility and reliability.
- Repositioning of industrial companies to gain in competitiveness.
- New levels of productivity and quality along the manufacturing value chain.