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Thu, 02/08/2018 - 18:11
Avenida Amado Granell Mesado, , bl.3, esc. 6, of. 1E
David Tronchoni

Edinn Industria 4.0 Platform
Nowadays, the Edinn Industry 4.0 Platform has developed more than 100 projects in 12 countries, with more than 3.000 active users. Edinn’s platform incorporates different tools for Production Control (Manufacturing Execution System, MES & MOM), for the optimization of production using Operational Intelligence (OI), Big Data and Machine Learning features. Thanks to the Edinn API, clients and even suppliers will be able to develop anything on it, and that makes Edinn an open platform.
▪ IoT Data monitoring
▪ Compete MES / MOM system
▪ Real-time dashboards
▪ API Development Platform
▪ Fast and easy to use at any level
▪ Robust integration with any ERP
▪ Big Data & Machine Learning
▪ Affordable solution. Fast return of investment
▪ Minimum cost reduction of 5% in the first year.
▪ Possibility of covering in a very short time any need of the clients in I4.0 through functional modules or API.
▪ 12 Functional Modules: Production Control (OEE), Stock and Traceability, Maintenance (CMMS), Quality, Personnel Control, Planning, Energy Efficiency, Costs and Incentives, SPC Quality, Stock and Traceability, Personnel, Standard Integration (ERP, Scada , etc), Artificial Vision, Machine Learning & Big Data, Development Platform.
▪ High powered in the Internet of Things and data capture, Big Data and other leading technologies in I4.0.