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Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:11
C/ Charles Darwin, s/n Pabellón Monorraíl
David García Ternero

Monitoring (with sensor) and telemanagement system to controll the filling level, temperature and variation in movement in any type of container infrastructure.
Monitoring in real-time the filling level of any container infrastructure: materials, liquids, waste, grain, etc.
- Monitoring in real-time the filling level.
- Organisation of smart routes for emptying
- Reducing fuel costs and air pollutant emissions.
Monitoring and telemanagement system for energy comsuption and other environmental parameters in buildings or industrial settings.
Energy comsuption is one of the main costs for industry, and it is necessary to control it and audit it.
Reduction and costs control in the energy bill.
Samrt Industry Brain
IoT Platform for disaggregated data homogenization.
Multiple sources of unstructured data that need to be unified and homogenized.
Application of data analytics and visualization techniques on these data sources.
Monitoring service for cybersecurity events.
Industrial networks are open and exposed to the outside due to the entrance of the IoT and Big Data, which increases the risks of attacks.
Monitoring all events that affect our internal network, raising the levels of security and protection.
IT Managed Services
IT Management model that is flexible according to service level.
Outsourcing of management and maintenance of part or all of the IT infrastructure.
- More efficient and highly specialized way of operating
- Complementation and power expansion of IT equipment.
- Guaranteed continuity of services.
Cybersecurity Consultancy and Audit Services
Service to analyze the state of the systems and procedures of an organization, at a cybersecurity level.
The entry into affect of the new RGPD, together with the application of the ENS, obliges organizations to secure their processes.
Greater protection and preparation against cyber attacks