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Submitted by j.rodelgo.saelices
Thu, 01/11/2018 - 18:52
Torre Picasso. Plaza Plablo Ruiz Picasso, s/n. Madrid Spain
Maria Gonzalez

Connected Mine
• Cloud-based platform that aggregates data from various types of data sources (heavy equipment, h/w, and s/w solutions), runs analytics, distributes alerts, and displays it in a tablet-based dashboard.
• The Connected Mine is a multi-value solution that leverages mobile, tracking, analytics and cloud technology to more effectively manage industrial mining operations.
• By aggregating mine data into a cloud-based platform and by applying analytics and mobile alerts, the solution delivers a real-time holistic view of mining operations, presented in a clear and insightful way.
• End-to-end overview of in-pit mining operation
• Generation of notification/alerts to the staff based on the collection of data and further analysis
• Improve operational efficiency
• With the increased visibility provided, issues can be anticipated and gains in production throughput, asset utilization and operator performance can be achieved.
• Reduce Energy/running costs
• Reduce accidents
• Reduce Raw material and MRO inventory