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Submitted by carlota.gonzalez
Thu, 01/11/2018 - 14:08
bcb Informática y Control
C/ Fernando el Católico, 11. 28015 MADRID (SPAIN)
Javier Bezares del Cueto

Machine vision applications
BCB offers the widest range of thermal imaging and thermal cameras for different applications, with specific accesories and software, enclosures, installation and even applications "turnkey" for specific projects.Thermography is a technique that allows measure temperatures remotely, without physical contact with the object to study. The main sectors where BCB brings expertise are:
- Thermosolar
- Car Industry
- Health Projects

In the Solar Thermal sector, BCB is worldwide leader in the development and implementation of systems Calibration heliostats, solar field os vision and thermography for solar thermal power plants (CSP) based in tower.
Thermal imaging has become one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for preventive maintenance.
Thermography allows corrective action before faillures occur in a system, to detect anomalies, which are aften not visible to the naked eye.

Thermography provides us with visualization, measurement accuracy and multiple points of readings and the possibility of automating the process alarms and as such that costs are minimized.
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